Creating spreadsheet models

The spreadsheet page lets you create a spreadsheet for your model that you can download and run in Excel on your desktop.

Note that the generated spreadsheet uses RiskAMP add-in functions for Monte Carlo simulation. If you don’t have the add-in you can download a trial version from our website.

You can also work with the spreadsheet in your web browser. It works just like a desktop spreadsheet. Some functions may be missing — if there’s something missing that you need, please just let us know.

Running a simulation in the spreadsheet

You can run a simulation in the online spreadsheet using the Run simulation button on the right-hand side of the spreadsheet. This will use the same number of trials as the web model.

Even though the spreadsheet and the web model use the same number of trials, they use different random number generators. So statistics from the two models will be slightly different.

Updating the spreadsheet model

The spreadsheet model is generated automatically when you switch to the tab. However, if you make changes to the spreadsheet — adding or changing formulas in cells, for example — we won’t update the spreadsheet.

This is just in case you make changes you want to save.

You can always rebuild the model by clicking the Rebuild model button at the top-right.

If the Rebuild model button is highlighted, that means the spreadsheet model and the web model are out of sync. Save your spreadsheet, if necessary, and then click the button to update the spreadsheet model.