Loading & saving models

The RiskAMP project website — this app — does not store your files in the cloud. We might do that in the future, but for the moment there are no user accounts.

You can save and load model files to your desktop. Model files are very simple JSON files, you can read them with any text editor. Use the buttons on the Overview page to save and load files.

Model details

Project name

The project name is just for reference, and has no impact on the calculation.

Simulation trials

The simulation trials field sets the number of trials to use in a Monte Carlo simulation, when we display results on the Graph and Report pages.

Depending on the complexity of the model, you might want to run more trials to get results to converge (one way to see this is how stable the results are on the results page when you recalculate the model).

Running more trials can take more time, however, so there’s always a tradeoff between time and precision. You can always change this value later.