The project graph

The project graph page shows the project in a hierarchical chart, including dependency relationships and subprojects.

You can optionally collapse subprojects so they are represented as a single task. This can be helpful when viewing large or complex projects.

You can focus on a subproject by double-clicking the project name in the chart. That will switch the graph to just showing that subproject.

You can see the currently selected subproject in the top-left of the window.

Detail view

The detail view shows basic statistics from the project after running a monte carlo simulation. The histogram shows the distribution of outcomes.

Click Recalculate at the top-right to re-run the simulation and generate a new set of outcomes. Depending on the number of trials, the histogram and statistics should change a little any time you recalculate the model.

You can view statistics and histograms for individual tasks by clicking on them in the chart.

You can show or hide the detail view using the button at the top-right.